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Maryam Nawaz Field Hospital.

CM Punjab Maryyam Nawaz Sharif has launched free field hospitals in Punjab and free medicine for those who cannot access such services. For this 32 containers have been transformed into fully equipped healthcare facilities. The hospitals will be traveling and reaching out to the villages and towns lacking healthcare facilities. These hospitals are equipped with the latest medical equipment and facilities to enable them in supporting the poor with state of the art healthcare services.

Places where hospitals are out of reach are the target of these field hospitals. 5000 patients can get their checkups and medicine every day. All patient medications and test results will be kept safe under the EMR system.

Why It’s Important:

The Maryam Nawaz Field Hospitals are a big deal because they bring healthcare to places where it’s hard to find. These hospitals are like mobile clinics that travel to remote areas, so people don’t have to travel far for medical help.

field hospitals
field hospitals

Field Hospital Outreach Plan

CM Maryyam Nawaz has also announce the plan on how these hospitals will conduct their operations.

➡️ In the village, the hospital’s time of arrival and it will park at a central place in the village.

➡️ Any local residents / Patients in the area will be able to receive treatment from these Field Hospitals.

Features & Facilities in the field hospitals

This field hospital can be considered a mini-hospital and the facilities it provides are mentioned below. These hospitals provide medical care free of charge.

➡️ Air Conditioned.

➡️ Diagnostic Units.

➡️ Labs, blood test, ultra-sound compartment.

➡️ Doctors.

➡️ Maternal and Child examinations.

➡️ Child delivery and Postnatal care.

➡️ ECG.

➡️ X-Ray and Radiology

➡️ First Aid, Immunization, etc.

➡️ Lady health workers.

➡️ School health and nutrition.

➡️ Pharmacy: a full-fledged pharmacy, providing you with free medicine.

➡️ Operation rooms in case of emergencies that could provide minor surgeries.

 ❗️  More than 5,000 patients will benefit from these hospitals getting their treatment every day.

Maryam Nawaz Field Hospitals and Free Medicine News

Making sure these Field Hospitals work well

Maryam Nawaz isn’t just setting up these hospitals and forgetting about them. She’s making sure they do a good job by keeping track of them with a live system. The live dashboard is available to both the health ministry and CM Maryyam Nawaz Sharif. She has also mentioned that she will keep track of these hospitals to ensure these hospitals do what they have been established for.

Who can benefit from Maryyam Nwaz Field Hospitals?

These hospitals are designed to serve communities in remote areas where access to healthcare is limited. Anyone in these areas who needs medical attention can benefit from the services provided by these field hospitals.

Are medical services and medicine provided by the field hospitals free of charge?

Yes, all medical services offered by the Maryam Nawaz Field Hospitals are completely free of charge. This includes consultations, diagnostic tests, medications, and any necessary treatments.

How can I find out when the Field Hospitals will be in my area?

The schedule for the Field Hospitals’ visits to different villages and towns is announced in advance. You can inquire about the upcoming visits and the expected time of arrival by contacting your local authorities or visiting the official channels of the healthcare department.


In short, the Maryam Nawaz Field Hospitals are a positive step towards making sure everyone in Pakistan can access healthcare, no matter where they live. With modern equipment and a dedicated team, these hospitals can make a real difference in improving people’s health and well-being. It’s a move in the right direction for a healthier and happier Pakistan.

Free medicine and treatment being accessible to underserved communities will ensure a step toward a healthier Pakistan. CM Maryyam has even ensured that she and the health ministry will keep track of the field hospital’s operation.

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