Bisp Registration 2024Bisp Registration 2024

Bisp Registration 2024 Dynamic Survey is updating records and the database with new registrations. Benazir Income Support Programme has initiated a survey in search of the families eligible for assistance. If you are looking for a guide on how to register for this program this page will guide you in the right direction.

BISP Registration 2024 Dynamic Survey registration: What to do?

Before you register ensure you have a message or a letter (from 8171) from Benazir Income Support Programme listing the date you have to visit the BISP Tehsil Office Registration Center for registration.

NOTE: The families that are not yet participants of the survey can also visit the Registration Center.

  • Visit the Bisp Registeration Center: Head to Benazir Income Support Programme Tehsil Office.
  • Children’s B-Form: Bring along children’s Nadra B-form with you.

You may also visit: 8171 Web Portal

Bisp Registration 2024
Bisp Registration 2024

BISP Registration 2024 Dynamic Survey At BISP Tehsil Office

  1. Visit the Dynamic Registration Desk.
  2. Submit NIC card and Children’s B-Form: Give desk staff your NIC card and Children’s B-Form.
  3. Receive New or Updated Survey Tokens: Staff will issue you with a new or updated survey token.
  4. Proceed to Assigned Registration Room: Go to the registration room allocated to your token number, you might need to join a queue.
  5. Social and Economic Survey Form Assistance: The Data entry operator will ask you questions about your social and economic situation and help you fill out the socio-economic survey form.
  6. Form Verification and Thumbprint: Your form will then be verified and you may be asked for a thumbprint and an affidavit.
  7. Verification Message: You will receive a verification message from 8171 after completing registration.
  8. Confirmation Message: After the verification process, the eligible households will receive a confirmation message from 8171.

What documents do I need to bring for BISP Registration Dynamic Survey ?

➡️ Your National Identity Card (NIC)

➡️ Your Children’s Nadra Issued B-Form.

Can I Complete BISP Registration Dynamic Survey Online?

⛔️ No Registration is NOT available online ⛔️

➡️ You must visit the designated BISP Tehsil Office Registration desk for an in-person survey.

Can families not currently participating in the survey also visit the Registration Center?

Yes, families not yet participating in the survey can also visit the Registration Center.


In summary, signing up for the BISP Dynamic Survey is really important for families in Pakistan who need support. If you follow the instructions and go to the right place to register, it helps make sure the help goes to the right people. Working together with BISP staff shows that we’re serious about helping our communities grow. BISP is dedicated to fighting poverty and helping people across the country. Let’s keep supporting programs like this to make sure everyone has a chance to thrive in the future.

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