Kisan Card SchemeKisan Card Scheme

The Government of Punjab has launched the Kisan Card scheme, a revolutionary initiative aimed at empowering the agriculture community and farmers in the province of Punjab. This innovative program provides financial assistance, resources, and opportunities for farmers, helping them improve their livelihoods and contribute to Pakistan’s economic growth.

What is Kisan Card Scheme Program?

CM Maryyam Nwaz Sharif presided over the meeting related to agricultural reforms. She said that over 500,000 small farmers will be given loans on easy terms. This loan will be worth 150 billion rupees and given in 1 year. Farmers will also be given a loan of 30,000 rupees per acre of land for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides.

The Kisan Card program in Pakistan is designed to facilitate registered farmers in accessing various government schemes, including subsidies, loans, and insurance. Through this initiative, farmers are issued Kisan Cards, which serve as a means of identification and enable them to conveniently avail themselves of government support at designated outlets.

Kisan Card Scheme
Kisan Card Scheme

Key features of Kisan Card Scheme

  • Loans & Subsidies: The Punjab government will provide loans totaling 150 billion to 500,000 farmers under favorable terms and conditions. Additionally, farmers will receive an agricultural loan of 30,000 per acre.
  • Model Agriculture Centers: The government will collaborate with the private sector to establish Model Agriculture Centers (MAC) across the province. These centers will provide farmers with access to quality fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and other essential inputs.
  • Data-driven Agriculture: The agriculture department has been directed to compile data on each crop, its demand, and per acre yield. This data will help farmers make informed decisions and improve their productivity.

Benefits for Farmers:

  • Financial Assistance: Kisan Card holders will receive financial assistance, including loans and subsidies, to support their agricultural activities.
  • Access to quality inputs: Farmers will have access to quality fertilizers, medications, and other essential inputs through Model Agriculture Centers.
  • Improved Productivity: The data-driven approach will help farmers make informed decisions and increase their productivity and yield.
  • Increased profitability: By reducing the cost of inputs and improving productivity farmers will see an increase in their profit margins.

How to Apply for Kisan Card Scheme

Farmers can apply for Kisan Card at any nearby HBL Konnect retailer shop (Present Vendor) after opening of biometric-enabled mobile account (L-1). After opening a Mobile Wallet (MW) / Mobile Account (MA) farmer can buy Kisan Card bundle by paying Rs. 500. After 15-20 days, the co-branded Kisan Card will be delivered to the Agriculture Office and the farmer can get the Kisan Card from Agriculture Tehsil Office after required verification.


The Kisan Card Program has emerged as a massive opportunity for smallholder farmers and promoting agricultural development. By providing these subsidies and insurance the Kisan Card is improving the livelihood of the farmers of Punjab, enabling them to contribute to the development and growth of the entire agriculture of Pakistan.

Kisan Card Program provides up to 50 Lakh rupees of interest free loan. To get a Kisan Card is simple you just have to visit any HBL Konnect retailer near you and have Rs. 500 to pay for the Kisan Card Bundle.

Kisan Card Scheme Video Guide

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