Ehsaas Nayee Zindagi ProgramEhsaas Nayee Zindagi Program

Nayee Zindagi Program: Rehabilitation and Empowerment for Acid Attack Victims

Introduction: Social protection policies play a crucial role in addressing persistent poverty, aiming to enhance the capacity of vulnerable individuals to manage economic and social risks. In line with this approach, the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) has launched the “Nayee Zindagi Program” under the “Punjab Ehsaas Program” to support Acid Attack Victims. The program focuses on rehabilitation through reconstructive surgeries and psychological counseling, with the goal of socio-economic mainstreaming for these survivors.

Objective of Nayee Zindagi Program

The Nayee Zindagi Program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at supporting Acid Attack Victims in their journey towards rehabilitation and empowerment. The program’s primary objectives are:

1. Medical-Psychological Rehabilitation: The program focuses on providing holistic medical and psychological rehabilitation services to Acid Attack Victims. This includes medical treatments, surgeries, and counseling support to aid in their physical and emotional recovery, ensuring they receive the care they need to rebuild their lives.

2. Protection of Social Rights: A key aspect of the Nayee Zindagi Program is to safeguard the social rights of Acid Attack Victims. By creating a safe and supportive environment, the program aims to foster their reintegration into society with dignity and respect, while also advocating for their rights and protection against discrimination.

3. Preventing Social Exclusion: Social exclusion can be a significant challenge for Acid Attack Victims due to societal stigma and prejudice. The program actively works towards empowering survivors, promoting social inclusion, and dispelling misconceptions surrounding acid attack incidents. By raising awareness and promoting understanding, the program aims to eliminate discrimination and ensure victims lead dignified and socially fulfilling lives.

4. Reducing Vulnerability: Recognizing the economic challenges faced by Acid Attack Victims, the Nayee Zindagi Program offers targeted support to reduce their vulnerability. This includes providing income generation opportunities through skill training programs and interest-free loans, enabling survivors to pursue gainful employment or establish their own businesses. By empowering them economically, the program aims to enhance their self-sufficiency and overall well-being.

Through a combination of medical, psychological, and socio-economic support, the Nayee Zindagi Program strives to empower Acid Attack Victims on multiple fronts. By addressing their physical, emotional, and economic needs, the program seeks to enable survivors to reclaim their lives and actively participate in society, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and compassionate community for all.

Rehabilitation Process

The Nayee Zindagi Program facilitates a comprehensive rehabilitation process for Acid Attack Victims:

  1. Financial Aid: The victims of acid attacks are financially supported by the government to cover their treatment costs, including skin grafting procedures and medical expenses.
  2. Psychological Counseling: Psychological counseling services are provided to help survivors cope with trauma, emotional distress, and mental health challenges resulting from the attacks.
  3. Skill Building: Victims are offered skill training programs to equip them with marketable skills, enhancing their chances of gaining employment or starting their own businesses.
  4. Interest-Free Loans: To support livelihood opportunities, interest-free loans are provided to Acid Attack Victims for job creation or self-employment ventures.

Empowerment through Institutional Support

The Nayee Zindagi Program seeks to empower Acid Attack Victims through institutional arrangements in various fields. By providing necessary support and opportunities, the program aims to facilitate the socio-economic mainstreaming of survivors, enabling them to lead independent and gainful lives within their homes and communities.


The Nayee Zindagi Program, a part of the Punjab Ehsaas Program, is a significant step towards rehabilitating and empowering Acid Attack Victims. By providing essential medical, psychological, and financial assistance, along with skill-building and livelihood support, the program endeavors to improve the quality of life for survivors and facilitate their integration into society with dignity and respect.

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