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Punjab Government Launches Ramadan Nigehban Relief Package

Ramadan Nigehban Relief Package launched, The Punjab government has taken a significant step towards providing assistance to deserving families during the holy month of Ramadan by launching the “Ramadan Nigehban Relief Package.” This initiative aims to alleviate the burden on vulnerable communities by providing essential food items.

Commissioner Mariam Khan, presiding over a meeting in Multan Division, announced the commencement of the Benazir Income Support Program alongside the verification of data. The Nigehban package includes 10 kg flour, 2 kg sugar, 2 kg Daal, 2 kg ghee, and 2 kg rice, catering to the basic nutritional needs of beneficiaries.

Comprehensive Verification Process Ensures Assistance Reaches Deserving Individuals

To ensure the effective distribution of Nigehban aid, a thorough verification process is underway. Officials are visiting the homes of deserving individuals and conducting verifications via telephone. The initiative covers a significant number of individuals across different districts: 337,138 in Multan, 216,765 in Khanewal, 234,169 in Vehari, and 136,840 in Lodhran. All records will be meticulously organized in the Assistant Commissioner’s office, with a third-party audit planned to guarantee transparency and accountability.

Collaborative Efforts and Future Plans for Sustainable Support

District administration, the Food Department, and Food Authority officials are collaborating closely to ensure the success of the Nigehban package. Deputy Commissioners provided detailed briefings during the meeting, highlighting the coordinated efforts of concerned departments. Moreover, plans are underway to establish affordable Ramadan markets in various districts, with specific bazaars planned in Shams Abad, Multan, and Khanewal.

In conclusion, the Punjab government’s Ramadan Nigehban Package underscores the collective responsibility to support the needy during challenging times. By prioritizing assistance to vulnerable communities and implementing robust verification measures, the initiative aims to make a meaningful impact and provide essential relief to those in need during the sacred month of Ramadan.

Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad emphasized the critical need to maintain the high quality of food items included in the packages. He underscored that ensuring the utmost quality is paramount, especially considering the beneficiaries’ reliance on these provisions. As part of this commitment, ration bags are meticulously delivered to the doorsteps of those in need.

Commissioner Faisalabad, Silwat Saeed, took proactive steps to oversee the entire process of Nigehban. Venturing into the warehouses personally, he meticulously inspected the packing of rations and meticulously reviewed each item’s quality. His hands-on approach reflects the administration’s dedication to upholding standards and ensuring that beneficiaries receive the best possible support during these challenging times.

Nigehban Registration and Eligibility

To Register for Nighban Relief send your cnic to 8171 to get Rs 10500 and Nighban Relief and please note 8070 code is old and is not working in this Ramadan.You can check your Relief Eligibility from Utility Store Corporation website , if you are already enrolled in Benazir program you are automatically added to this package, The new instalment will be issued in 10 days .

In case you are not eligible for Nigehban package please refer to the nearest BISP (Benazir Income Support Programme) centers for registration of unregistered users. Alternatively, visit designated utility stores with BISP registration counters.

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