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In the realm of public welfare and social empowerment, the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) stands as a cornerstone of Pakistan’s commitment to uplift its most vulnerable citizens. Beyond its mission to alleviate poverty and provide financial assistance, BISP also offers a unique avenue for career growth and meaningful engagement for those seeking to make a difference.

BISP Internship Application on BISP Job Portal

To apply for a BISP internship on the BISP Job Portal, please provide your profile details, including your name, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, email address, educational background, and any relevant work experience.

You can apply for the internship on this link

After submitting your details please upload your CV .

Director General (IT) at Scale SPS-20 BISP Job Position

BISP Job position is available is for a Director General (IT) at Scale SPS-20, with one vacancy to be filled. The role will be based in Islamabad. To qualify, candidates should hold a university degree in Computer Sciences/IT, equivalent to 16 years of education, from a recognized University/Institution, with a minimum of Second Class or Grade ‘C’ or 2.5/4.0 CGPA. The ideal candidate will possess a substantial post-qualification experience of at least 17 years in the relevant field.

Applicants are requested to complete all the fields specified in the online form accessible on the official website. Candidates are expected to have relevant experience in the field. Only shortlisted candidates will receive invitations for interviews.

NOTE : Last Date To Apply is 22 August .


BISP Trainer Registration Form

The Training Wing of BISP Jobs is in the process of cultivating a pool of skilled Trainers across a range of subjects encompassing Management, Organizational, and Technical Skills. This pool will be drawn upon as needed. The selected Trainers will be actively involved in conducting training workshops for BISP employees both in Islamabad and the various regions. BISP is especially interested in Trainers who bring a wealth of experience in delivering training sessions to mid and senior-level officials from both government and private sectors. The emphasis is on using innovative methodologies and techniques. If you possess the ability to enhance BISP’s workforce by fostering the highest level of competencies and efficiencies, we encourage you to confidently upload your CV HERE.

Kindly provide your comprehensive profile information, including your Full Name, Father’s Name, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, Email Address, Phone Number, Address, and City/Town. Your complete details will enable BISP to process your application effectively.

BISP Job Openings on a Permanent Basis

The job opportunities within BISP span various fields and levels, catering to individuals with different educational backgrounds and professional experiences. Here are some key categories of positions available within the organization:

  • Data Analysis and Research
  • Program Management and Development
  • IT and Technology
  • Field Operations and Community Engagement
  • Finance and Administration

How to Pursue a Career in BISP

For those interested in joining BISP, keeping an eye on their official website and job announcements is crucial. Vacancies are posted regularly, each with specific requirements and application procedures. Applicants should carefully review job descriptions, ensure their qualifications match the requirements, and submit their applications before the specified deadlines.

In conclusion, a career within the Benazir Income Support Programme presents more than just a job opportunity; it offers a chance to be a part of a meaningful endeavor that uplifts lives and transforms communities. Whether one’s expertise lies in policy formulation, data analysis, community engagement, or technology, BISP provides a platform to contribute to positive change in Pakistan. As the organization continues its efforts to alleviate poverty and promote social well-being, the roles within it remain vital to its success and impact.

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  1. The staff of Shahdara BISP cannot pay in time. They take thumb signs of women and pretend your thumb signs are not matching plz come after a few days. They wangle their amount. They charge per woman 1000 to 2000 rupee their commission. Plz help poor women. We have already complained in Gulshan Ravi Office. But to no avail.

  2. Staff of BISP specially in Abbottabad treat the public like animals, there is no criteria to follow the term, only personal relationships or SAFARISH treats on priority. The staff not interviews the public properly their questions always confused the poor public and they also misguided.

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