Masawaat ProgramMasawaat Program

Masawaat Program , Transgender Person’s Welfare Policy

The Masawaat Program comprises three key components aimed at uplifting transgender persons (TGPs) in Punjab. Firstly, it offers unconditional cash transfers to elderly TGPs, providing them with a monthly benefit of Rs. 3,000. Secondly, differently-abled TGPs also receive unconditional cash transfers, with a monthly benefit of Rs. 2,000. These transfers play a crucial role in safeguarding transgender individuals against destitution and ensuring a minimum standard of living.

In Pakistan, transgender individuals face a myriad of challenges, including social exclusion, economic struggles, and limited access to essential services. This marginalization often leads to persistent poverty and a lack of human capital development, highlighting the urgent need for targeted social protection policies. Recognizing these pressing needs, the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) has launched the Masawaat Program under the “Transgender Person’s Welfare Policy.”

Beyond financial assistance, the program emphasizes the importance of mainstreaming transgender individuals into society. It seeks to promote their inclusion by providing access to livelihood opportunities, education, healthcare, and housing services. By empowering TGPs with means of livelihood, the program aims to increase their economic independence and access to productive assets.

Interest-Free Loans

In line with this vision, the Masawaat Program has set up interest-free loans for registered TGPs in Punjab, encouraging them to establish their own small businesses. These loans, provided in collaboration with the Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC), can be up to Rs. 100,000, offering a pathway to entrepreneurship and economic self-reliance.

Healthcare is another critical focus of the program, with free and accessible medical camps established for screening, treatment, and medicine provision to TGPs. Collaborating with both the Health Departments and private sector companies, these medical camps are vital in improving the health and well-being of transgender individuals, protecting them from unexpected health shocks.

Job Opportunities for Transgender Individuals

Furthermore, the PSPA is actively seeking collaboration with private sector organizations to create job opportunities for TGPs. By fostering partnerships that facilitate employment, the program aims to enhance the employability and economic prospects of transgender individuals.

The Masawaat Program’s implementation initially prioritizes a subset of interventions from the Transgender Persons Welfare Policy, ensuring administrative efficiency. However, its comprehensive approach reflects a commitment to promoting the rights and well-being of transgender individuals, addressing the multi-dimensional challenges they face.

Masawaat Program
Masawaat Program


In conclusion, the Masawaat Program is a significant step towards uplifting transgender communities in Punjab, Pakistan. By offering financial support, livelihood opportunities, healthcare, and employment initiatives, the program seeks to break down barriers of exclusion and create a more inclusive and supportive society. This targeted approach represents a crucial effort to foster social justice and empower transgender individuals, enabling them to thrive and contribute positively to their communities and the nation as a whole.

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