NSER Introducing Benazir Registration Desks at Tehsil Level

BISP is undergoing a transformation towards a dynamic registry. To initiate this process, Benazir Registration Desks have been set up at the tehsil level. These desks serve the purpose of reaching out to households that were previously missed during surveys and also facilitate the updating of any missing information of households that have already been surveyed.

Checking Survey Eligibility Status

Citizens can verify their survey and eligibility status using the following methods:
a) Online: Visit and check the status.
b) SMS: Send your CNIC number to 8171 to receive your survey and eligibility details.

Step 1 at Benazir Registration Center

During your visit to the Benazir Registration Center, the following operations will be performed upon entering the center, please proceed to the information desk and join the queue. BRC prioritize service for Differently Abled Persons, Pregnant Women, and Senior Citizens to ensure their convenience and comfort. Your patience is appreciated as BRC aim to provide the best possible assistance to all visitors.

When it’s your turn, please provide your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or the CNIC of any member of your family. If you have received a letter related to the Benazir Kifalat program, kindly share it with the screening officer for verification and further processing. Your cooperation in providing the necessary documents will help BRC to ensure accurate and efficient service delivery.

Step 2 The CNIC Screening Process

The Benazir Registration Center offers various services:

  • If you’ve been surveyed before and need to update your roster, they’ll give you a token for the update.
  • If you haven’t been surveyed yet, they’ll give you a token for a new survey.
  • If you have Benazir Kifalat program letter and need a CNIC update? No worries, you’ll jump the line and go straight to a special counter. Just bring the CNIC of a married female family member with you.

Now head over to the ‘Data Entry Desk/Counter’ and chill there until it’s your turn, based on the token number they gave you earlier. Just sit tight, and they’ll take care of you when your number comes up!

Step 3 Proceed to the ‘Data Entry Counter/Registration Desk.

a) When you’re at the data entry desk, make sure to give them your CNIC, along with the CNICs of all the household members and the B Form for any children in your family. Ensure that all the CNICs are updated with your current status in NADRA, such as your marital status, widow status, disability, etc.

b) The Data Entry Officer (DEO) will then ask you some questions for registration purposes. They’ll inquire about details related to your household members, like education, health, assets, income, and other relevant information.

c) It’s important to answer all the questions truthfully and accurately. If any question seems confusing, don’t hesitate to ask the DEO for a detailed explanation to provide the right information.

d) Before leaving the center, double-check that you’ve given them the correct and active mobile number. Once the survey is completed, hold on to your ‘Token Receipt’ as you’ll need it. With that, you’re good to go.

After the survey is completed, here are the next steps

a) You will receive a Survey confirmation SMS from 8171 on the mobile number you provided during the survey.

b) If you are found eligible, you may also receive a letter regarding the BISP Kifalat Programme, which will detail the benefits and assistance you qualify for.

c) To check your eligibility status online, visit and enter the relevant information.

d) Alternatively, if you prefer an in-person approach, you can visit the nearest BISP Tehsil Office or Benazir Registration Center (BRC). There, you can meet with the Assistant Director or other relevant BISP Officer and submit your ‘Application’ to inquire about your eligibility status. They will provide you with further details and guidance.

These steps ensure that you stay informed about your eligibility and the benefits available to you through the BISP programs.

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