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Sehat Card

Sehat card / Sehat Sahulat Program is a significant achievement in social welfare reforms, aiming to provide swift and dignified access to entitled medical healthcare for identified underprivileged citizens throughout the country, eliminating any financial burdens. The program’s primary objective is to enhance the accessibility of high-quality medical services for the impoverished population by implementing a micro health insurance scheme.

History of Health Card

Sehat Card was first launched in 2013 as BISP Waseela Sehat Programme District Faisalabad which covered a population of 406,000+ people.In 2015 it expanded to KPK and from then onwards is known as Sehat Sahulat Programme in 4 Districts while covering a population of more than 700,000 .In 2017 The KP Sahulat Program Waseela Sehat Program was introduced, covering 24 districts and providing healthcare access to a population of 10,000,000+.In 2019 The Federal Sehat Sahulat Programme (SSP-II) expanded its coverage to 67 districts, reaching a population of 50,000,000+.

In 2020 The KP Sehat Card Plus Programme was launched, aiming to provide healthcare coverage to the entire population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In 2021 The Punjab UHI DG Khan & Sahiwal initiative extended healthcare coverage to the entire population of seven districts, encompassing approximately 18,000,000+ people. In 2022 The Federal Sehat Sahulat Programme (SSP-III) further expanded its coverage to the entire population of Punjab, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB).

Fake News

Due to misinformation, the Sehat Card program has been subjected to false news on multiple occasions each year. It is important for individuals to remain calm and not panic in such situations. It is advisable to verify information from reliable sources and stay informed about the accurate details of the Sehat Card program. By avoiding hasty reactions and maintaining a calm demeanor, people can make well-informed decisions and contribute to the accurate dissemination of information regarding the Sehat Card program.

 Range of Treatments Covered by Sehat Card Plus











Medical Cases







Maxilla and Mandible

Paeds Cardiology

Endoscopic Procedure

Thoracic Surgery

Interventional Radiology

General Surgery

Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery


To register a complaint or need any help with the Sehat Sahulat Program, you can contact our helpline at the following number:

Call: 0800-09009


Azad Jammu Kashmir:

Gilgit Baltistan:


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (including ex-FATA/NMD-KP):

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