Khud Mukhtar

The Punjab government has introduced a new program called the ‘Khud Mukhtar Program‘ with the aim of providing assistance and support to the deserving people of Punjab. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to empower individuals and communities within the region, enhancing their self-reliance and overall well-being.

This component of the program encompasses supplementary activities aimed at enhancing the economic and social inclusion of selected households. Its primary goal is to uplift poverty-stricken households by promoting the development of human capital. This will be achieved by facilitating productive inclusion among eligible youth through initiatives such as education and skills training, microfinance support, and asset transfers. Furthermore, it includes efforts to improve early childhood education (ECE), recognizing the importance of empowering individuals and communities.

Khud Mukhtar Economic Support (about $40 million)

This part of the program focuses on helping young parents who are struggling financially. Khud Mukhtar provide training to help them get ready for jobs, give them support grants or help them acquire things they need for work, and offer coaching to improve their ability to earn money and support their families.

Khud Mukhtar Education for Everyone (about $30 million)

To make education better for everyone. This means checking what’s needed, training school staff, making lessons more detailed, getting young kids excited about learning early on, improving classrooms, and setting up a special group to make sure education is strong.

How to Register for Khud Mukhtar Program

To register for the Khud Mukhtar Program, you need to meet specific criteria. You must already be enrolled in BISP (Benazir Income Support Program), and you should be a newly married couple with a child younger than 5 years old. If you meet the criteria, you will receive a financial support of 72,000 rupees, and you will also be given education and training on how to start and run a Khud Mukhtar business.

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