The Sila-e-Fun Program Empowering Punjab’s Artistic Legacy

The “Sila-e-Fun” Program, is a remarkable initiative by the Punjab Social Protection Authority. This program fill the void by providing safety net to elderly artists who have dedicated over 25 years to their respective fields. This program exclusively caters to artists residing in all 36 districts of Punjab.

The “Sila-e-Fun” Program is a beacon of hope for elderly artists, poets, writers, and media professionals. These artists, who have contributed to various artistic realms such as film, journalism, theatre, television, literature, poetry, music, and painting, now find themselves receiving the recognition and support they rightly deserve.

In Punjab, the unfortunate situation of the elderly and disabled in terms of income insecurity has been acknowledged as a pressing concern within the broader context of the Punjab Social Protection Policy. Among the six key challenges facing the region, addressing this issue is paramount.

Strikingly, Pakistan remains an exception among its comparable nations, lacking a social pension scheme for its elderly population. Unlike Bangladesh, India, and neighboring countries, which have already introduced such schemes as far back as the 1990s, Pakistan’s elderly have been deprived of this safety net.

The program unconditional cash transfer, a dignified form of social pension that acknowledges the lifetime dedication of these artists. A monthly sum of Rs. 5,000 is given to artists aged 50 and above, whose monthly income falls below Rs. 15,000. This unconditional cash transfer program acknowledges their immense experience and contributions by offering a financial cushion that eases the challenges they might face in their later years.

Eligibility for Participation in the Program

For individuals to be considered eligible for this program, they must meet the following set criteria:

  • Age Requirement: Prospective participants need to be aged 50 years or above.
  • Experience Prerequisite: To be considered, individuals must have a minimum of 25 years of experience in their field of work.
  • Income Limitation: The monthly income of potential participants should be below 15,000 rupees.
  • Valid CNIC Holders: All applicants must possess a valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • Residency Condition: Applicants should be residents of the district selected for the program.

Goal of the “Sila-e-Fun” Program

The core goal of the “Sila-e-Fun” Program is to enhance the socio-economic wellbeing of elderly artists and financially vulnerable individuals in Punjab who have left an indelible mark on their fields. The program is constructed around several interlinked objectives:

  1. Enhancing Social Inclusion: By providing dignified social assistance, the program aims to weave a stronger fabric of social inclusion for elderly artists who have found themselves in challenging circumstances.
  2. Improving Subsistence: Elevating the quality of life for elderly artists and individuals in need is a cornerstone of the program. Through consistent financial support, it seeks to alleviate the struggles they may encounter in their daily lives.
  3. Reducing Economic Dependency: A vital aspect of this program is reducing the economic reliance of elderly artists on their immediate social networks. By offering financial stability, it empowers them to navigate life with greater independence.

Impact of the “Sila-e-Fun” Program

The impact of the “Sila-e-Fun” Program has been profound. As of now, a total of 2,034 deserving artists have reaped the benefits of this thoughtful initiative. It is PSPA commitment to nurturing its cultural and artistic heritage, ensuring that those who have dedicated their lives to creative expression are not forgotten in their golden years.

The “Sila-e-Fun” Program is a beacon of compassion and support, addressing the income insecurity faced by elderly artists in Punjab. Through its unconditional cash transfer and steadfast commitment to improving the lives of these creative souls, the program not only provides financial relief but also honors the invaluable contributions that these artists have made to the cultural landscape of Punjab. As the program continues to touch lives and foster socio-economic empowerment, it shines as a model for other regions to follow, recognizing and uplifting their own artistic treasures.

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